Anne Delaney, owner and principal trainer at Excelsior English, started the company in 2007. She has an extensive background in English language teaching, training, and coaching. She began her career teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) to international scientists at the University of Pittsburgh, and found the world of linguistics to be fascinating and challenging. In 1999, she received her Masters degree at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, in Monterey, CA.

She taught for many years at the University of California, San Diego, at its English Language Institute. co-managed and redesigned the English language program for an international Fellows program at the Global Leadership Institute in the School for International Relations and Pacific Studies (

In the corporate arena, past and current clients have been from mobilecomm, biotech, neurotech and engineering companies as well as in the areas of international relations & diplomacy, healthcare, academics. Anne and her experienced team provide enthusiastic, engaging and useful training tailored to the specific needs of each group or individual when delivering trainings and courses for Excelsior.

How did you choose the name "Excelsior"?

The word "Excelsior" means a lot to owner Anne Delaney. Anne's grandfather Bill was a warm and magical person who had a deep belief that the spoken word was sacred. Anne was very close to her grandfather, and he would add "Excelsior" (literally: "still higher")  to the bottom of each of his letters to his granddaughter.

Bill's reverence toward the spoken word profoundly impacted Anne throughout her life, and actually helped guide her career path. One night, several years after Bill had passed away, Anne had a vivid dream in which her grandfather visited her and exclaimed, "Excelsior!," and she awoke with a vision for her business. Shortly thereafter, Excelsior English was created.

"Excelsior" is far more than just a word: it is a connection to family, language and a positive outlook on life that is both infectious and magical. Anyone who knows Anne on a personal or professional level knows that she is the physical embodiment of everything that Excelsior represents. Her deep respect for the spoken word and her sunny disposition (along with her rather impressive chops as an instructor) have led to the creation of a company unlike any other that you have encountered. Once you work with Excelsior, you will understand how the program lives up to its name.

Why all the dragonflies on the website?

You may have noticed that there are a number of dragonflies throughout the website. This is not by accident. Dragonflies are representative of dispelling illusion, which is exactly what the Excelsior program does for its clients. A dragonfly's wings contain all the colors of the rainbow at once, yet those colors are hidden or shown depending on your viewpoint. In the same way, the customers who go through the Excelsior English programs are all intelligent individuals with wonderful ideas that they struggle to communicate. Excelsior English works with these individuals to help them address any language or cultural barriers that limit their ability to comfortably express their ideas. Excelsior English believes that we all posses wonderful qualities, and we work hard to ensure that we are all positioned in a way that makes expressing these qualities easy and comfortable.