Enhance your Business Writing skills.


Geared toward employees who need to develop better writing skills and review their grammar, punctuation, style, and usage, this course covers the essentials of business writing, including: format, tone, and etiquette in emails, reports, documentation, wikis, and other correspondence.

Students will produce written work both in and outside of the workshop or class and will be encouraged to submit non-confidential writing samples from real work situations. We carefully craft each class to spec, considering the culture & language of origin, skills level and job requirements of each participant.



  • Produce clear, concise text and improve editing skills

  • Feel more confident preparing written documents

  • Access audience and analyze reader needs before starting to write

  • Increase efficiency and expediency in writing

  • Make excellent written requests.

This course can be customized for each individual and company based on specific needs and requests.

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